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Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Tristan da Cunha, Health care Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Name: Kimsun Chao
Level: EAP4
Class time: 6pm-7.5pm
Topic: As technology continues to improve, the range of potential uses of telemedicine will increase. What are some of the benefits of telemedicine? (1st draft)

Presently, telemedicine has been widely accepted as very beneficial to the human race across the globe. It is a combination of medical informatics data and telecommunication which brings patients a great opportunity to receive clinical treatment without having to be transported to find other clinics far away from their areas, especially for the isolated communities. Moreover, it saves time and healthcare expenditure. This essay aims to discuss the comparisons between two projects, in Cambodia-Partners Telemedicine project and a remote volcanic group of islands in South Atlantic Ocean-Telemedicine comes home. To begin with, recent studies illustrate that there are many benefits of using telemedicine, especially for the least developed environments like Tristan da Cunha and several distant places in Cambodia. It can be used effectively via 24-hour satellite-internet connection in Tristan de Cunha; first of all, it is helpful for doctors to monitor patients’ conditions and even for surgery. According to a foreman of medication at IBM named Richard Bakalar, “What we are starting to see now is a patient-doctor model.” It is presently ordinary that physicians send patients’ information such as X-rays in a computer program version to other experts. For example, if Dr. Van de Merwe requires advising specialists, he can function it over a video link. As the technology amends, a mechanical-liked operation system called Da Vinci was used to remove a gall-bladder on a patient in the year of 2001. (The Economist, 2008, p. 23) In Cambodia, telemedicine is typically used in provinces in some resource-poor areas the same as in South Atlantic Ocean, too. The Cambodian villagers, especially those who live in Rovieng and Ban Lung, have been very grateful...

Bibliography: (The Economist, 2008). ‘Telemedicine Comes Home’ (Slaght J., Harben P., Pallant A.) English for Academic Study Reading and Writing Source Book. Reading. Garnet Education, UK.
(Heinzelman P., MD MPH, 2005). Telemedicine project improving health in rural Cambodia [internet]. Information technology, telemedicine.
Link: [accessed date: 13rd February, 2013]
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