First Crusade Compare Contrast Essay
Topics: Crusades, Christianity, Kingdom of Jerusalem, First Crusade, Middle Ages, Byzantine Empire / Pages: 3 (549 words) / Published: Apr 11th, 2016

Although a major component of the crusading army were peasants, many royal individuals and their armies decided to embark upon the First Crusade , resulting is a big success of the Christendom during the First Crusade, known as the Princes Crusade. This sub-part of the Crusade played a major change in the result of the First Crusade, due to the mentality of the Christendom becoming more enhanced. For a change, the leaders made a plan of what they needed to do, where to go, and how much food to take with them. Just as the Christian mentality at the time was changing, the European Royalty wanted a chance for heavenly reward and forgiveness of their sins. These royal princes and knights decided to take it upon themselves and fight for the Holy …show more content…
These salient leaders were influenced by a chance at religious redemption, but a few were influenced by the possibility of new opportunity, money, power, and adventure. These royal and religious followers began to enter into Asia Minor from different directions in early May of 1097. This happened shortly after recent and harsh failures at Antioch in March of 1097. If these crusading armies did not attack the local Byzantines and Turks along the way, the Turks would not have been warned of their strategies and attempts to besiege Antioch. Towards the end of June, in the year 1098; these prestigious Crusaders gained control of the city, but shortly, not learning from their mistakes, they lose it again to their Turkish rivals. Due to the royal armies losing the city once again to the Turks, death, misery, and hunger prevailed among Crusaders, which resulted in the collapse of the crusading forces for a while. But shortly, after a major discovery, the army was back on its feet and regained its control of the

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