First Confession Essay

Topics: Confession, Psychology, English-language films Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Journal 3
First Confession
By Frank O’Connor
I’m very attracted with the first person in this story named Jackie. This is a story about Jackie’s experience of his first confession. Jackie always thought the terrible things about confession like the angry priest, a lot of sins he made, the sinner who would burned the furniture, etc, but the fact that he passed the first confession successfully. I think Jackie have the same bewilderment with me about first confession. I don’t have background knowledge of the story and also do not know some terms like Confession in the Church or Three Hail Marys. Because of Jackie’s story, I could imagine the situation since Jackie was also experienced it at the first time. Moreover, I can understand the rites and practices of the Catholic religion. In this story, Jackie hated her grandmother and sister so much and wanted to kill them. I’m sure Jackie would not truly do that as he was only a eight-year-old child who still couldn’t control his emotional feeling. Actually, it’s because of the bad behaviors of them. His grandmother should be a good example for him but she always drunk and never gave pennies to him but to his sister, Nora. It was good that Jackie was not influenced with his grandmother behavior, he thought that it was an awful instead. Usually a child will follow what adult does but Jackie was different, he was precisely mortified to follow the wrong one. He also realized that his wish for killing her grandmother and sister were wrong. Then, I think that Jackie was very honest and courageous. Although he was scared to death of confession, he told his sins truthfully to the priest. Some of us maybe will remain to silent about our sins or even denied it, on the contrary Jackie told everything. At first I thought he would not have courage to confess because of the threats from her sister who claimed being a sinner would get punishment not treatment. A bad confession story from Mrs. Ryan that made shocking...
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