First Chapter of Lord of the Flies

Topics: Seashell, Boy, Lost Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: February 2, 2011
The first chapter of Lord Of the Flies introduces Ralph at the very start roaming the jungle. This contributes to the mysteriousness of the literature. Not telling you where he came from or why he is there makes the story enticing and entertaining. The author was adding to the rising action. The setting in the very beginning was the Jungle.

After Ralph walks for a small amount of time, a voice calls out to him asking for help, and to wait up. This is another way to make the story seem mysterious. He learns it is a boy with the nickname Piggy. Piggy joins Ralph and they walk to a lagoon. There they find a conch shell and Ralph blows through the conch which then calls on an large amount of boys. The author most likely added this to make another curve to the story. To show how much about the place Ralph and Piggy didn’t know.

When the large group arrived, a boy named Jack Merridew asked where the ship was, and where an adult was. This showed how ignorant Ralph was because he had no clue what the conch sound meant to the people that were already there. Then Johnny and the twins Sam and Eric arrived along with many other younger and older boys. They talk as if they all have an education which shows they were also put here, not born here. The dialog seems modern and easily understandable, which shows that the setting is more recent than historical.

Ralph is voted leader and commands that they explore to see if where they are is an island. Accompanying Ralph is Simon and Jack. Piggy is left behind to log names, which upsets him. The reason the author wrote about the exploration is to show the others don’t know where they are either. Throughout the venture, the boys are faced with a series of things in their path. They push a boulder off a cliff. The author most likely added this to show they weren’t hopelessly stranded on the island.

The end of the chapter the boys realized they were hungry. They searched for food and found a pig, in the grips of the...
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