First and Second Shift

Topics: Employment, Shift work Pages: 4 (720 words) Published: December 13, 2010
First and Second Shift

English 121 English

Composition 1

Ms. Natalie Dougall

July 19, 2010

We are living in a time were jobs are hard to find. People are looking high and

low for jobs. Just to be able to provide for their families, and have the necessary things in

life that they need to live. Some people are even accepting job outside of their fields, just

so they can have a job to provide. There are some people that are offered jobs on a shift

that they normally wouldn’t work, but due to the decrease in the job market they really

don’t have a choice. So they accept, and hope that something else will come available

soon. First and second shift has many different advantages and disadvantages, but

sometimes you have to take whatever job you can get.

When working first shift, you have to really pace yourself to make sure that

everything is done in a decent hour. So that you can get to bed and be prepared for

your job the next morning. After working all day it’s time to pick up kids from school, or

after school program. When arriving home it’s time to start dinner, help kids with

homework assignments, get kids baths, watch your favorite television show, and then it’s

off to sleep. In most companies their day shift is a full shift, all the big wheels are there

watching over everything and everybody. The commute to work is often stressful

due to the congested traffic.

Second shift (evening shift) is not a very popular shift. People feel that the

evening shift takes up a lot of family time. When working the evening shift there is no

need for a alarm clock. The evening shift allows you to go to doctor visits without

having to take off. I am an evening shift worker and have been for 10 years now. No I

am not fond of it, but we have had a lot of cut backs at my job that has kept me on the

evening shift.

I can say a lot about the evening shift, but one...
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