First Amendment and the Freedom of Expression

Topics: First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Freedom of speech, Civil rights and liberties Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: February 16, 2011
First Amendment Question
In modern times we view America as a thriving nation at the top of the power rankings amongst countries. Such supremacy is found not through the weapons of mass destruction but instead in the people living in a free society. The idea of free society can be related to the first amendment found in the constitution which enforces the idea of freedom. The first amendment is vital to functioning of a free society. Justice Robert Johnson once said, “No official can prescribe what can or can not be orthodox.” In other words, no American, despite their rank or command in office, shall be the decider or in charge of the people’s freedom. It is such freedom in which causes American citizens to think in a free society which separates us from other countries.

The rights included in the first amendment, the rights and freedoms of speech, press, religion, assemble, ad petition, can be summarized as the freedom of expression. The freedom of expression serves as the backbone to a free society and creates a space for each individual to fulfill our own goals in which we desire. The first amendment ensures the rights of individuals to express their thoughts, desires, aspirations, and the ability to communicate freely with others which together strengthens the role of each individual in society. Thus, the freedom of expression is an end in itself and should not be the subordinated to any other goals of society. Freedom of expression is also important to the advancement and importance of knowledge. New ideas are more than likely to be discovered in a nation that allows the freedom of expression. Such rights have provided as a gate way to iconic figures that are of have been able to study and share their research with the public and in turn has caused America and certain other countries to advance. These discoveries brought forward by the freedom of expression have shown why the first amendment has evolved civilizations practicing free society.

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