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First Amendment

By BrittanyEutsey1 Apr 03, 2013 607 Words
The First Amendment of the United States of America is composed of five freedoms. Those freedoms are freedom of assembly, petition, speech, religion, and press. All of them are violated everyday in an average American life. One Freedom in particular that is overlooked is the freedom of religion. Many people believe that it is a sin to be a homosexual, but in actuality it is a personal preference. Those who are homosexuals are beaten, killed, and threatened everyday because of their choice, which makes them want to hide their sexual orientation. Fricke v. Lynch was a court case in Rhode Island. Aaron Fricke was prevented from bringing his same-sex date to prom by his principal (Richard Lynch). He prevented him from bringing his date because he felt that the students would not approve. He felt that Fricke and his date would be harmed. The court ruled that students should not be prevented from participating in school events that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT). The staff was also told to protect the students from harassment. Even though the principal made his decision out of safety reason you cannot ban students from participating in events because their sexual orientation is with the people of same-sex. Still today schools around the world still have teens being harassed for being a homosexual. Benitez v. North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group was a court case about a California resident. Benitez went to get infertility from her doctors at North Coast Care Medical Group. They denied giving her treatment because Christians did not support LGBT people serving as parents. The physicians at this hospital violated her religious rights. This action was a violation against her rights because physicians or other people, in that matter, are not allowed to deny help to others because they, Christians, do not believe it is exceptional to be homosexuals. When some Christians are homosexuals. With this court case many people were able to receive the treatment they desired from the physicians no matter what their religion believed in. These Supreme Court cases are similar to situation this day in many ways. Still teenagers are being harassed at school because of their sexual orientation. Some teenagers have been harassed so much that they have or have considered committing suicide. Also with Catholic religion, they are taught that gay and lesbians are possessed with a moral evil. Some Catholic churches have banned same-sex marriages and preventing LGBT’s from participating in any Church events. Many LGBT people still have problems with marriage and even looking for a motel/ hotel room that they can stay in. The significance of these two cases and many more is that they have made it easier for LGBT to finally get the rights they deserve. The questions that I had and some that I still have are very common. Why are people criticized for being homosexuals? They consider homosexuality a big sin committed today, but what about adultery, envy, and others sins that people commit in everyday life? Homosexuality is a choice people make for themselves not others, so why is it a concern to other people? Even though I have questions I gathered one common answer. This was that most religions look down upon homosexuals. These people that have criticized and harmed people that are LGBTs have tried to take many of their rights a way. With the first Amendment along with the rest of the Constitution that will never be able to happen. The first Amendment grants rights/freedoms to every citizen which is used to give them their own individuality. How could you ever take that away?

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