First Along the River Analysis Chapter 4

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First Along the River Ch. 4 and American Earth Analysis
The passage in First Along the River speaks about the impact of the industrial revolution on the American environment, as well as the move for conservation from important American figureheads, and the impact that they had on early conservationism. Additionally, the American Earth passages spoke about the peace and tranquility that can come from being truly with nature, and contrasting that with the hectic life in the city. All in all, I found it quite unfortunate that the First Along the River had such a one-sided view on the subject of the industrial revolution. It seemed as if the author had nearly nothing good to say about the industrial revolution in general, and when he did, it was quickly followed by another negative thing. This doesn’t allow for any other interpretations of the events that occurred in the mid to late 1800s, which leads to a very stale and uninteresting read. While I understand that this book is more about the impact of our actions on the environment, and nearly all of our actions were negative, it would still be beneficial to have multiple sides to the story. Additionally, I found it very interesting that the only reason that the country ever moved to new resources was due to the resource that was used before running out. In fact, it seemed like the country would still be burning wood or using coal if it wasn’t for the depletion of these resources from overuse. This leads me to wonder that, if we keep using resources at the same rate that we are now, will the country as a whole be forced to use renewable resources? I only wonder this because at some point in the future, it will be more economically viable to use resources that are environmentally friendly as these will be the only ones that are readily available. I believe that the only way to make renewable resources, or any environmentally friendly options for that matter, a likelihood is if it becomes economically viable....
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