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First Aid is the immediate response to a casualty that is sick or injured. The main task of the rescuer who administering first aid is to try to prevent injury or a worsening of existing diseases or injuries.

The responsibilities of a pediatric first aider:
make sure that every situation in which you act is sure: for you, the victim and for the people around (very important if you work with children as they are very curious and tend to approach the patient) provide care to a child who has suddenly become ill or injured or ill until: medical help or ambulance arrives; the child’s parent arrive prevent the condition of the child becoming worse

provide reassurance to the injured or ill child and other children around the area pass on information about the event to the parents or to the professional help Is also the first aider responsibility to try to prevent and minimize the risk of infection for the casualty, for the children around and for the first aider itself. For this reason I always have to:

wash my hands before and after the contact with any body fluids, such as blood wear gloves whenever you can
possibly cover any wound or cut on your body with bandages or plaster to avoid come in contact with the bodily fluids of causality if it is possible to try to wash the wounds of causality
put all dirty materials into a plastic bag and dispose of correctly In case of CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) use a protective barrier such as “resusci-aid”, or simply try to cover the mouth with something of plastic with a hole for the mouth.

First aid kit.
To help in the first aid you will have a first aid kit, present in all the rooms of the nursery, they should content: 1 Leaflet giving general instructions on how to perform first aid 1 Pair of disposable gloves, in case it is necessary to come into contact with body fluids 1 breathing barrier for performing rescue breathing and CPR

20 adhesive bandages (plasters), individually wrapped, sterile in assorted sizes. (blue plasters fro kitchen injuries); to cover a wound that is not too deep and prevent it from infected 6 safety pins, to hold a wound dressing

2 Large wound dressings, 18x18 cm, with bandages attached individually wrapped and sterile; to coverer a deep wound 6 medium wound dressing, 12x12 cm, individually wrapped and sterile 4 Triangular bandages, to cover a head injury or as a broken limb support 2 Sterile eye pads

1 finger bandage and applicator
Cold compress to be used over an injury to release the hematoma and relieve pain Thermometer, to be used to measure temperature
Scissors, to cut the bandages too long
Calpon, be administered with the consent of the parents in order to bring down a fever in children

Accident forms.
After helping the child and be sure he's okay you have to fill out an accident form: Need to write the child's name, the time and accident position; how the accident occurred; what actions or treatments have been taken; who helped the victim; and if you can avoid a similar incident in the future. In the end who has witnessed the accident and helped the victim must sign. The form must also be signed by the child's parents.

Training cannot fill out accident forms.
In case of an accident, after we took care of the child, we must fill out a form describing the incident happened and how you reacted or treated the child. When parents come to pick up their child they should be informed of the incident and they have to sign the form up; this will then be stored in the nursery. In case of illness, parents must notify the teacher and signing a form, especially if the child needs to take special medicines like antibiotics. In this forms we must specify the time of administration, the dosage and the person who has carried out. If it's an accident at home, or out of the jurisdiction of the nursery, parents must sign a form in which they explain what happened and how they cared for the child,...
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