First Aid

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* Assess the situation
* Always check for dangers, for yourself, casualties and of others. * Carry out A, B, C checks. Be prepared to carry put lifesaving treatment. * Assess the child or infants illness of.
* Carry out an examination from head to toe.
* Prioritise treatment. Life threatening conditions must come first. * Do not remove infant of child unless needed.
* Promote recovery, by giving first aid treatment. Keep the infant or child stable. * Reassure the infant or child, and any other children who may be involved. * Call emergency services, and pass on any information of the event to professional help or parent.

* Cover any cuts on your own hands with a plaster.
* Wash hands immediately after any contact with blood or bodily fluid. * If a child has an open wound, wash with soap and running water, if possible. This will remove and dirt or grit. Or any other type of contamination. * Place all soiled materials including gloves or apron in a plastic bag. * Dispose of correctly.


* Disposable gloves: protect hands from blood and any other body fluid. * Scissors: Cutting dressings for correct size, even clothing. * Sterile gauze pads: Covering small wounds which are bleeding.

* Adhesive tape: For securing gauze to a wound.
* Large dressing selection: For covering large wounds.
* Stretch bandage: For holding a dressing in place, on the body or limb. * Crepe bandage: Support for any sprains to leg or ankle. * Triangle bandage: Support for arm or shoulder injury.
* Safety pins: For fastening slings.
* Eye dressings: Covering eye to protect after an injure or a foreign body object/ entry. * Plasters, selection of sizes: Covering small cuts or grazes. * Plastic bags: Dispose of any solid dressings.

* Note pad and pen: Making notes about an accident.
* List of items in the first aid box: Checking the contents.

Personal protection should include plastic aprons, and disposable gloves. It is the person’s responsibility to cover any open wounds or grazes with a plaster. They should always be used when dealing with first aid, where bleeding may occur.


* Time, date place of accident or illness.
* Name of child.
* Group or class of child or infant.
* Details of injury or illness.
* What first aid was given?
* What happened after accident or illness?
* Did child go home with parent, or where they take to hospital? * Name and signature of the person dealing with child or infant. * Signature from parent to say they have been informed of accident or illness.


For the purpose of first aid, a child is over the age of twelve months. An infant is under the age of twelve months or less. * For an infant of twelve months or less, can be held in your arms while giving different forms of first aid. * An Infant may be carried in your arms if you need to get help. * For a child of twelve months or more you may need to carry out first aid treatment at the scene.


There should be a qualified member of staff who is trained in first aid, within the work place. In an emergency situation the first aider should attend a sick or injury child. If you are alone and without qualified support. Call for an ambulance by dialling 999. If you are in any doubt always calling for help, this may be the first aider, or the emergency services. Emergencies are the four B’S

* Breathing- difficulty.
* Bleeding- won’t stop.
* Brakes.
* Burns- can cause shock.


When providing first aid for an infant or child, you must continually monitor their condition, until help or an ambulance arrives. Keep checking by using A, B, C method.

* Airway
* Breathing
* Circulation.

Keep asking infant or child of they are ok. Reassure them, perhaps read a story, or if older ask them to...
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