First Aid

Topics: American Red Cross, First aid, Clara Barton Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Name: Anthony Castaneda
Project: First Aid Kit
Homeroom teacher: Rebecca Ipsen
IDVA J-Term Post Project Reflection Report
(Write you 1-2 pages, 12 point font, double-spaced, report here) First Aid
Anthony Castaneda
9th grade
J-Term Project

First aid kit was invented by Johnson in the late 1890’s. First aid kit got its name is by Johnson's first aid kit. The first aid kit formed in the 11th century, to help the pilgrims and knights and also train the other knights and pilgrims to help cure the injured people. So that’s how and why many of us now use Johnson first aid kit to cure illness and injured people. We all have our first aid kits in cabinet’s rooms or offices and some in cars. But it is helpful and safe to keep a first aid kit with us in our car, homes, jobs, and everywhere we might go that might be dangerous for us or little ones and is good to have one in your purses or children’s backpack when they go camping or go to school or walk home or walk to school. The first time that the first aid was ever used was in the middle ages. Then in the 1859 the trained villagers came back to help the illness and injured ones in the battle of the soldering. Then, four years later, more villagers were trained and they formed a new group that we now call the Red Cross to help others during illness or injury but also through losing their homes in a hurricane, like the one in New Jersey with the hurricane Sandy. So there is where we are using the first aid, many developments in the first aid have been used by the wars in worldwarI, worldwarII, and American Civil War. Clara Barton was prompted to organize the American Red Cross during Civil War. Today, there are many groups that use the Johnson first aid kit, so many of us use it in the military and the scouting movement. New techniques and equipment have helped make today’s Johnson first aid kit simple and effective.

What is first aid? Well, first aid is not always to be used to cure injured or...
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