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The death penalty


The death penalty is also known as capital punshiment is a legal process whereby a person is sentenced to death by the state as a punshiment for a crime. Capital crimes and capital offences are crimes that can result in a death penalty. My standpoint in this is that we should kill individuals that's overtly evil or irredeemable individuals and that we distinguish an evil person from an evil act.


I think we should have a death penalty for the reason that their are people in this world that are overtly evil, and it's imperative (in my opinion) that we highlight the meaning of ”evil”. So that we can properly make a distiction between people we should kill and people we shouldn't kill. What is evil? For me evil is consist of two components and the first is magnitude, basically the scale of harm done by an action. So it's the diffrence between one murder, mass murder and genocide. The scale of harm is very important beacuse it seems to me that a person can be redeemed if they engage in certain actions, but they can't be redeemed if they engage in other sorts of actions. For an exampel a person rapes and kills a woman dosen't necessarily mean that the individual is evil but i would certainly agreed that the particular action is evil. I don't think you can classify the individual as evil, i think they meet certain conditions that would lead to that path, but they are not quite evil yet. The reason i say that is beacuse of this: imagine a person rapes and kills a woman but turns himself in and they feel very guillty for their action, they feel a lot of remorse for their action and for that i don't think we could propably say that the person is evil although you can still classify the action as evil. If a person engage in a genocide i don't see how they ever could atone for that, and should definently be given the death penalty.

The second component is the psychology of evil so you're either a sociopath or a psychopath. A sociopath is someone who's unconcerned with the feelings of others but they understand the concept of feelings and they know that other people have feelings. A sociopath can have feelings themself although they can be very shallow. They're also have a general disregard for the rights of others which means they generally engage in acts of violence against others, and they have an established pattern of behavior. A psychopath is someone who lacks empathy, who lacks emotional depth and dosen't understand the concept of emotions. A psychopath is also (in my opinion) someone that is a sadist and egocentric. I would say that it must be an established pattern of behaviour and it must be a psychological disposition or worldview that allows you to engage in a certain pattern of behaviour. It would also allow you to act with complete and utter disregard for the rights and emotions of other people. That's an evil person by my standards. Personally, i would make the distiction between an evil action and an evil person. I would say that a person can engage in a certain action that's evil but they themself could not be evil, unless they have the additional second component.

First of all i just want to clear out that killing an evil person is justifiable and does not mean a person is corrupt. If a person possesses the qualities i've mention, then they got to die, there comes a point when a human life is valueless. The reason a say this is that humans are humans and there is something to be said about human nature and about respecting human nature, I'am not a superhero who must preserv life no matter what. I would not stand by and watch Kim Il Sung slaughter his people or starve them to death and i would not sit by while Omar Bashir kills of people in his own country and commits genocide, I'am not doing that. If i had the choice people like this are going to die, beacuse it's only in our nature to kill evil humans like these and i think we should respect that.

Now, the repercussion of...
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