Fire Fighters

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Fire Fighters

* Job description: Protect communities against the loss of life, injury, and destruction of property by fire. Fire Fighters work as a team with each person assigned to a special job.

* Abilities, Special Interests: Must be able to use physical agility, strength, and stamina. Must have excellent health. Mush haveKnowledge of first aid.

* Working Conditions: Fire Fighters may be exposed to toxic gases and fumes, flames, hazardous chemicals, heat, stress, and high levels of noise. Hours vary but often include being on duty 24 hours and then being off duty 24 or 48 hours, resulting in 56 hours a week, including holidays. Fire Fighters perform work in physically demanding situations and for prolonged periods under dangerous conditions (this is one of the nation's most dangerous occupations).

* Task: Respond to fire alarms, decide what action to take, to locate the source fire, and connect hose lines and nozzles. Duties include operating and maintaining fire equipment and trucks. They may search for clues and conduct salvage operations.

* Education: Fire Fighter applicants have a high school diploma or GED. control training is not required, preference is sometimes given to applicants with training or experience. Fire Academy.

* Wages: entry $1,683.33, average $3,303.33 top pay- $5,063.33 & up.

* Job Outlook: Job availability for any occupation can change with national and global economics, unexpected political events and natural disasters. Current events affect careers and demand for jobs can change quickly. Physicians & Surgeons Estimated Jobs 2007, 583,000 Job Openings Expected per Year, 19,100

* Similar Jobs: public health, emergency medical care, public health, operating room specialist
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