Fire Essay

Topics: Fire, Life, Ecosystem Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Fire is a major factor in our ecosystem, both good and bad, that is influenced by climate. It can cause carbon dioxide to have a direct effect on vegetation, and land use, and in turn, affect landscape pattern processes. Fire in the Earth’s ecosystems is a natural occurrence that is vital in keeping the flow of natural cycles healthy and efficient. Natural causes of bush fires has played significant role in shaping the ecosystems, such as certain plant life being more susceptible to harsh, scorching conditions. Some of the animal life present today were also influenced by fire, for example the animals that were able to escape a fire and survive, live and reproduced successfully and became adapted to these harsher environmental conditions, hence survival of fittest.

However, the natural occurrences of fires in ecosystem can lead to devastating effects of the ecosystem and the close-by communities. The aftermath of a bushfire or any local community is often immeasurable, leaving people with nothing but black ash. For this reason, we need to enforce the benefits of integrating a ‘prescribed burning’ approach in our community, especially, where the land is fuel embedded during the summer season.

It’s an undeniable fact here in the Philippines that our newspaper headlines always contain “fire, sunog, apoy”. It’s a very sad story to share that in just one irresponsible use of fire, it can result to loss of lives and property. Who is really to blame? Is it the fire or us who is irresponsible of using it. Radios and televisions are always reminding us that we should be careful of using it.

The elemental power of fire is always the concern of the Bureau of Fire Protection. Their objectives are to push awareness among people on the do’s and don’ts to prevent fire and during fire and to save life during fire accidents. Their campaign is quite remarkable. Their duties is not enough if residence will not cooperate and behave. The fire prevention month is not an...
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