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Firefighters, more than most other professionals, need to possess a multitude of skills and talents. There are also many personal traits necessary to ensure that firefighters are properly and respectfully representing their department and profession as well. This combined with the unique work and living conditions place many demands on firefighters, creates a long list of traits that are necessary for success. There are dozens of essential traits firefighters must possess in order to find success on the fire ground and in the firehouse.

Trust is of the utmost importance in public safety. People need to trust firefighters with their personal property, their safety, their privacy, their loved ones' care and even their lives. A firefighter's misconduct of any kind not only hurts their department but hurts all firefighters because it chips away at the public's trust that is so essential. The reputation of a firefighter as being trustworthy and someone you can always rely on in any situation is something that all firefighters are responsible to help maintain.

In order for the team to function optimally each member must also trust everyone on their crew as well. Firefighter's rely on each other in every. Integrity and trust within the crew is essential. You must be able to trust your fellow firefighter; trust them to know their job, trust them to have your back, trust them to keep your secrets, trust them with your safety and even your life. A person who lacks integrity can never be truly trusted in all of these ways within the firehouse or on the fire ground and can be detrimental to the safety and cohesiveness of his crew.

The fire department's primary recruitment concern is that hiring people with the utmost integrity. People who will ALWAYS represent themselves, their department and their profession well. As a firefighter, you need to understand that you represent your department and your profession both on duty and off and are

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