Fiona Hall

Topics: Nature, Poppy, Bird nest Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: August 1, 2010

Fiona Hall was born in 1953 in Sydney. She has created many artworks, many revolving around her interests of economy, trade, socialisation and exchange. She focuses on interesting parts of the human body seen in Paradisus Terrestris, and delicacy. Examples of this are seen in “Cell culture”, “ Understory” and “Tender”. All three of these artworks represent trade, socialisation, exchange and the economy. Fiona Hall has largely incorporated modernism into her artworks. Many of her artworks are presented in vitrines, adding to the delicacy.

“Cell Culture” was created in 2002. It is a collection of plants and animals made out of clear glass beads and regular Tupperware containers. Cell culture is an installation piece with a museology display cabinet housing all the plants and animals. Hall has carefully constructed each formation of the beads, and intended to create a realistic 3D object. This artwork is an example of Halls’ interest for the economy, socialisation and trade. The idea of using the Tupperware containers and beads as materials are two examples of symbolism to trade and socialisation. Hall has chosen to use these materials to convey her ideas. During colonisation, beads were used as a main form of trade and held the economy as the form of currency and would be used to barter for land, food and clothing. The Tupperware containers are used to symbolise socialisation, as a Tupperware party is a social event. Both materials symbolise the economy, as both products are so cheap in today’s world. This artwork uses great juxtaposition e.g. Tupperware containers and beads.This artwork is also about the fine lines of today’s nature and society. The reason for the two opposing materials (glass beads and Tupperware) is to emphasise the point that is almost impossible to think about nature as being separate from human values. The artwork questions the role of natural science and the way societies have viewed the natural...
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