Finterior Design and Fashion Design

Topics: Interior design, Fashion design, Design Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: April 23, 2006
Many careers are available for those who are willing to go to college. There are many choices and different universities and colleges to go to. Fashion design and interior design are one of those who are available in the majority of the colleges. Even though these two careers sound alike they are completely different. The only things that these two careers have in common are that in both you design or create new inventions. The research I made about these two careers is about what each one is about, the needs which these careers require, and the salary in performing the job. An interior designer is a professional that deals with the interior of places such as buildings, houses, and many other areas which require interior designing. These professionals are qualified for education, experience, and examination of the quality and space they will work with. Interior designers also have to analyze their client's needs, goals and life, and safety requirements. Interior designers also have to worry about their customer's needs and wants. They must work with what the customer likes and with the budget each customer sets for these activities. A fashions designer designs cloth and accessories. Fashion designers often get specialized in one type of garment. These types can be men's or women's wear, children's garment, swimwear, lingerie, handbags or shoes. Some fashion designers are self employed and design only for individual clients. Fashion designers make the news of what is going to be worn each season. There are also fashion designer's that do not have their own store or own brand but they work in groups for big clothing companies. As all careers require for something, interior design does it to. The requirements that an interior designer needs are many. A successful interior designer must expect a long hard struggle to succeed in this type of career. They must possess a combination of talent, personality, and a healthy competitive sense. They need years of...
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