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Course Name: FINS3641 - Security Analysis and Valuation
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UNSW Securities Research


14 April 2014

From technology to dividend


We place a BUY recommendation with a target price of $14.27: This derives from our insights into the company as well as detailed financial and valuation analysis.

Opportunities in developing markets: Growth is strong in
developing markets, providing a sustainable revenue source for future years.

Acquisitions maintaining market dominance and market share:
Acquisitions are the main driver of revenue growth, and allows CPU to increase economies of scale and maintain market dominance.

R&T deal ($US 37.3m): Integrates their 860 issuer clients, and obtains their annual revenues of $US19million. Expected to achieve synergies consistent with previous transactions.

Anticipated synergies expected to be realised: As of 31
December, CPU has realised 51% of expected FY14 synergies.

Limited downside, immense upside potential: 70% of revenue
was consistent in nature. Relatively stable revenue during economic troughs and robust revenue growth during economic peaks.

Long-term cost savings trajectory: Still to realise full end benefits of outsourcing and offshoring over next three to four years post acquisition of Shareowner Services who have 10 years of expertise in the field.

Share Registry Services


Current Price:

Price Target:


Nathan Giang
I-Hsin Huang
Jack Huang
Lee Kadish
Jerome Peng Hoe Law

Company Data
52wk Range (A$)
Market Cap (A$m)
Shares O/S (m)
Price (14 May 2014 $A)

CPU vs. ASX 200

9.54 - 12.97

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