Finnish Labor Law

Topics: Employment, Working time, Shift work Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Finnish Administrative and Labor Law-A Short Review of the Finnish Working Hours Act and Annual Holidays Act: Regarding to the Annual Holiday Act, I think the most important rules are about how to earn annual holiday and the timing of the annual holiday. In practice, legal provisions designed to protect the employee’s right to annual holiday are very important as well. The Annual Holiday Act has relatively straight forward rules and the scope of the act it is pretty clear. The procedures related to the annual holiday are regulated in detail as well. However, I think the Working Hours Act still leaves some room for discretion and the procedures are regulated in a broad outline. The Working Hours Act still allows some certain provisions to have collective bargaining, which may create a grey area. For example, how do you define the working hour? “The daily rest period is not included in the working hours if the employee is free to leave the workplace during the time.” “ In shift work and period-based work, as an exception to the general provision, the employee must be given a rest period of at least half an hour or an opportunity to eat during the work shift.” But can the employee choose not to have a break but work and then get the pay for that half hour or one hour? Does it count as a break if the employee eats during the work shift but he or she doesn’t leave the workplace?
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