Finlands Education System

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“The Finland Phenomenon” a name given to Finland’s admired education system. It is listed as the most surprising school system in the world. Its success is intently watched by other countries. The assigned video “Finland’s Education Success” was documented by Tom Burridge of BBC World News America on April 6, 2010. Week four Reading Journal for English 101 was a writing assignment asking students if the system could be implemented in the United States. “Finland’s schools score consistently at the top of the world rankings yet the pupils have the fewest number of class hours in the developed world.” The proof is in the results and Finland has an education system other countries should learn from and envy. The transformation of Finland’s education system began 40 years ago as a key component to an economic recovery plan. The educators had no idea it was so successful until the year 2000, when a standardized test was given to fifteen years old students. The results revealed the scores. The Finnish youth came out on top as the best readers in the world. Three years later the youth led the scores in math as well. “By 2006 Finland was first out of 57 countries.” The Finnish answer to standardized testing has been to only give exams to small groups of students and to trust in teachers. In 1991 the National Board of Education closed its inspectorate. “Teachers in Finland design their own courses using a national curriculum as a guide and spend about eighty percent as much time leading classes as their U.S. counterparts do.” Finnish teachers have sufficient opportunity to plan lessons and collaborate with colleagues. “Teachers in Finland spend fewer hours at school and less time in the classroom than American teachers.” In 1979 reformers decided that every teacher in Finland earn a fifth-year master’s degree in theory and practice at one of the eight state universities. From that time forward teachers were granted equal status with doctors and lawyers. Teaching...
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