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Finland Education System

By newmanh0411 Oct 10, 2013 653 Words
What if I told you there was an educational system with no private schools, children aren’t seperated by intellegence, there is no mandatory grading until 8th grade, and the children don’t have to take a test until they are 16: and that’s the only test they take. This educational system exists in Finland, and it is the best educational system in the world. There is a method to Finland’s maddness though, and that method has two key parts: their dedication to having the best teachers and their investment in the way children are taught.

Finland is more dedicated to their teachers than any other country for many reasons. For one, Finland values their teachers as much, if not more, than their doctors and layers. Here in America, if someone tells you they are a brain surgeon you are amazed and think of them as one of the most brilliant people you have ever met. Can you imagine having that same awe for a preschool teacher? It is hard because here in America, we hardly value our teachers. We do not give our teachers two hours of private study for every four they spend in the classroom; Finland does. Now what about the education teachers receive? In Finland it’s the best. If you want to be a teacher in Finland you have to be in the top 10% of your graduating class and earn a Masters degree. That Masters degree is fully subsidized by the government.

So they have great teachers, but what about the children? Are they the brilliant key to all of Finland's success? No. Finland doesn't care about how smart a child is; they just want to help each and every child reach their full potential. That’s why Finland invests in how the children are taught, not just what they are taught. They have no madotory schooling until the children are seven years old; giving children a chance to have fun. To ensure that the children are not overworked, Finland attempts to lighten the homework load. It is called homework for a reason and children should not have to experience stressful work until they are old enough to handle it. During school children often have trouble focusing on work as it is, and Finland found that an outlet for their energy helped the children focus more in the classroom. Recess was an activity Finland found that helped children retain more information, so Finland decided to increase how long recess is. Finland’s decision to have longer recess is supported by the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education, who say that “[recess] is [an] appropriate outlet for reducing stress in children… as it allows children the opportunity to make choices, plan, and expand their creativity… [as well as] allowing a… release of energy.” So now you know that Finland has the best educational system in the world, and why. They have a dedication to having the best teachers and their government invests in the way children are taught. This is why they are not just decent, but the best. They did not become that way because they wanted to be the best, it’s because they wanted their children to have a better future.

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