Fingerprinting at Birth

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Position Paper #2
Fingerprinting At Birth
I think that having everyone fingerprinted at birth is a great idea for many reasons. First off, it can help if something was to happen to you and they needed to identify you by your fingerprints. Second, it can help more in crimes. Lastly, it can help if someone is kidnapped.

Now-a-days, people are more violent and things happen more frequently than it should. People go missing and turn up dead. Some people are so badly damaged that they cannot be identified by their face or their dental record, which some people don’t have anyways because they have never been to a dentist in their lives. Getting all the kids fingerprinted at birth would help with this so much. If someone turns up badly beaten and they cannot tell who they are by their face, they can run their fingerprints into the data base and pull them up.

Also, it can help in cases of crime. If everyone was fingerprinted at birth then we would have everyone on file and we would be able to solve more cases with fingerprints at a scene. I know that some people think this is just down right wrong and an invation of privacy but really, if you don’t go out and cause issues or commit a crime, there is no reason to be worried about it. They don’t go out and release our fingerprints to the whole world.

Lastly, lets say someone is standing at an ATM and out of nowhere someone comes up and kidnaps them. First of all, it’s caught on camera so we can tell that it happened but what if you could not tell who the victim was from the video? Are we supposed to sit around hoping that they get out okay or wait for someone else to realize that person is missing? I don’t think we should. Since everyone’s prints are in a database we can go and get the prints off the ATM, knowing there will be many so it will take a little time, and scan them to find out who was kidnapped.

These three examples are only very few that could have been argued on. These will make this world way more...
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