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09th DECEMBER 2013

Alpine Inn & Suites for all seasons
A project report on the scope of our new business and it’s management strategies Prepared by :
Tony Munduvelil (Marketing Manager)
Management teams of Alpine Inn & Suites from Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson

Table of Contents
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Letter of transmittal03
List of illustration05
Content 06
Why Fort Nelson?07
Strategies of management 08
Advertising strategies 09
Rate table of Alpine Inn & Suites09
Work Cited12

December 9, 2013
David McMurrey, ChairmanCoastal Real-Estate Developers400 Bay water BlvdCorpus Christi, Texas Dear Mr McMurrey,
As we proposed in our core management meeting on September 30, we are presenting the report entitled ‘Alpine Inn & Suites for all seasons’. This report evaluates the different business aspects of our brand new skiing and paragliding resort to in Fort Nelson, and our new strategies to establish into a location with two adventurous business areas. As well as we are discussing about the possible advertising and marketing strategies for our new venture in Fort Nelson. I hope you find this report satisfactory. Sincerely yours, Tony Munduvelil, Senior Marketing Manager Alpine Inn & resorts 1212 Melsher Gardens, Suits 3

Dawson Creek, B.C V1J 1C7
The purpose of this report is to introduce our group's new management strategies for our new entrepreneurial concept of Alpine Inn & Suites paragliding and skiing in Fort Nelson. This report evaluates the different business aspects of our new business combination skiing and paragliding with our strategies for this. As you all know Alpine group is now in a phase of development, so the growth or change is inevitable to accomplish that. We are going to start our brand new skiing resort in Fort Nelson with an exceptional and adventurous paragliding in order to gain more customers. Our first branch in Dawson Creek has been proved that adventurous sports have a great scope in Northern areas especially the places surrounded by Northern Rockies. So our new business location in Fort Nelson would be an ideal place for the adventurous sports. Moreover we undergo an off season drowse in our skiing business during summer seasons in order to fix this economical lag in our business, 2013-2014 core management team came to this awesome business idea that a new branch in Fort Nelson for skiing & Paragliding – a wonderful place for all seasons, hence in summer we can compensate the drowse in our business through this idea and in winter we will maximise our profit in skiing and other ancillary businesses like restaurant and stay. Apart from our main businesses skiing and paragliding we are also going to amend our dining and room service systems facilities in both Alpine inns & suites to a next level. For sake of that Marketing section has created a new advertisement strategy to attract people to our business and that would completely youth and adventure lovers oriented. So this report would be the exact model of our planned strategies and management’s ideas. Scenario:

Meeting of all managers and supervisors from Dawson Creek branch and Fort Nelson resorts.(managers and supervisors from Fort Nelson are newly appointed. Here myself as a senior marketing manager of Alpine Group and a representative of core management team) explaining the management strategies about our new venture of Alpine Inn & Suites skiing and paragliding resort in Fort Nelson. List of illustration

Jpeg Images from internet
A rate table in the Advertisement strategy section.

It is difficult to determine exactly when the term extreme sports came to refer to certain modern sports, but many believe it can be traced to the early 1970s, when rock climbing and marathon...

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