Fine Dividing Line Between Personal Ethics and Professional Ethics

Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: January 2, 2011
Firms and the managers within them are always looking for the next source of competitive advantage, while at the same time combating the current internal inefficiencies, conflicts and performance issues. With one foot in the present to address the issues of the day, in the planning and preparation for a successful future is a constant dilemma now facing the manager.

Historically, higher transparency of an ethic of practice for the third partAnalysis of the financial situation and practices of an institution, however, the largest study of business ethics and organizational behavior, to demonstrate transparency as a management practice that both the everyday problems of management are dealt with, and even an internal source of a sustainable competitive advantage is difficult for competitors to imitate.

This article will examine the concept of transparency of business and proposed management practices in the areas ofThe development and implementation of strategy, decision making and performance management to ensure transparency, to improve performance. and a source of sustainable competitive advantage.


Transparency is used as a confidence-building mechanism in general, to "open" books or practice of an organization concerned with a "right to know that." Much has been written about the transparency in public enterprises and governments, but also with the importance of trust in all businessTransactions and relationships is very little about how to use this mechanism for building trust, which will be published to improve organizational performance at the operational level. If true, the employees know how and why behind the organizational strategy, decision making and performance management, usually feel more confident in managing their organization and may be more involved and engaged in their work.

Although the fear of strategic information from falling into the hands of competitorsinternal sources may limit the potential for complete...
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