Fine Dining Analysis

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The Concept Analysis Assignment
Fine Dining

Reportive Statements:
Modern ambiance
No logo
Simple, bold signage of restaurant name
A wait list is available upon request & is also booked by the week, six weeks in advance •Greeting upon arrival by employees and chef
Employees in all black, and chef in white uniform
No nametags
Not wheelchair accessible
Large door-like glass windows
Street parking only
Small waiting area
Two different doors (main entrance into waiting area & waiting area into dining area) •D-shaped stainless steel bar
18 seats
Stove as the centerpiece
Copper pots hung above stove top
Stainless steel appliances
Black vinyl placemats
Lighting was not too bright or too dim
White china sets and wine glasses placed on steel bar
Small room
Wine cooler storage on left wall
Menu was one piece of fine paper
Presentation of food was outstanding!
Assigned seating
Professional attire
Very clean
Restroom was very clean

Interpretive Statements:
The staff were very welcoming
Greeted with a smile and a glass of champagne
Very quiet atmosphere
A bit chilly

A.Background Information
My definition of fine dining is a sit-down restaurant that is top notch. The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Face is definitely fine dining to me and is where I’m going to do my Fine Dining Concept Analysis Assignment on. I went to this place with my siblings along with my sister’s close friends to celebrate my sister’s birthday. She said that this place was the best restaurant in the world where it was “the best meal she’s ever had”. I didn’t know what to expect prior to going because I have never heard of the place so I was really excited to see what it was all about. As we pulled up to the restaurant, the signage was pretty simple, bold, and noticeable. I think I was too excited and eager to see it that I didn’t even think to read reviews online. We didn’t have to find parking because we just got dropped off in front of the restaurant. We finally go there and off to an awesome dining experience. •Interpretive

The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare has a very modern feel to it. Although they don’t have a logo, their signage of the restaurant somewhat implied that it would be a simple, modern, but expensive restaurant. From what my sister had told me about her previous experience to the Chef’s Table, as a first-timer I couldn’t wait to go and experience it for myself. It seemed like after she told me about the place, I got a feel of how the place would be like. I had also learned that the restaurant is Brooklyn’s only three Michelin-starred that was unlike any other. This really made me so excited and impatient to go for an experience that would one to never forget. B. Phone Call

To be able to experience such an outstanding dining experience at the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, reservations need to be made six weeks in advance. Reservations need to be made via phone. A wait list is also available upon request and is also booked by the week, six weeks in advance. Directions to the place were available, but since my sister and her fiancé had been there before, they knew where it was and how to get there. •Interpretive

I thought that having to make reservations weeks prior made me really interested in what kind of restaurant it was. It made me wonder how great this restaurant really was. The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare was a fine dining restaurant where you felt the warm welcome when you walked in. Although I didn’t have a chance to experience the phone call myself, I’m assuming that that they were very kind and accommodated us very well. C. Location

Our driver had driven us all to the restaurant. I am not sure of public transportation, but assuming that it was New York we would’ve had to take the subway to...
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