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The respondents belonging to the age group of 18-25 are the majority who does online shopping.
Most of the respondents are male. However the influence of gender in online shopping is found to be negligible.
Respondents with higher educational qualification tend to purchase more through online market than those with lesser education.
Most of the respondents have done online shopping.
Even when most of the respondents have done online shopping, most of them still prefer conventional shopping.
Reservation tickets are the major product being bought online. They might include railway and airline reservation tickets, tickets for movies and other events. Books and apparels are other key products which the respondents buy.
Flipkart, eBay, myntra are some of the sites which the respondents usually browse.
` 1000-2000 is the average amount spent by the respondents on online purchases. It is interesting to note that even when most of the respondents have done online shopping, they are not ready to buy expensive items, i.e., those above `5000 via online market.
Cash on delivery is the most preferred payment method of the respondents. Many still refrain from using credit card for online shopping
Search engines are the major source for selection of websites. Online advertisements and personal recommendation also influence the selection of websites.
Most feel that online shopping is easy to do while for a part of the respondents who haven’t done online shopping, it doesn’t seem easy.
Most of the respondents are satisfied with availability of information in the online market.
The products in the online market seem to be cheaper than the traditional market. Interestingly, a small part of the respondents have experienced higher prices.
Convenience is a major reason for increased online shoppers.
Even with high popularity, respondents still doesn’t feel online shopping to be secure.
Most of the products bought online seem to have a decent packaging.

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