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Disadvantages of Network diagram
In the case of very large complex projects there could be thousands of activities and various tasks that are dependant on one another. In cases where the plan changes during the execution an entire diagram would have to be redrawn. and it can be overcomed with the software as it will re calculate the duration.

The network diagram would be difficult to manage and maintain without the assistance of a software. The way to overcome that would be to buy other softwares which could be aback up and that are not expensive

The network diagram doesn’t include resources and resource allocation.This can be overcomed by using a software which will enable us to allocate resources per task

The network diagram doesn’t allow us to put budget per task but that can be overcomed by using a software that will enable us to allocate the budget

Advantages of a network diagram
A network diagram gives a clearer picture of the required sequence of events making it easier to visualize and plan work. It shows clearly what the relationship between activities and task is, making the milestones more visible. It also organises large and very complex projects into smaller more manageable pieces making planning, scheduling and execution much easier. It helps to identify how critical and non critical activities (reducing Risk) Ensuring that you have the right teams on the correct tasks. The PM can allocate the high performing resource on the critical tasks and the medium performing resources on the non critical tasks. A network diagram also determines how long it will take to complete a project, enabling the PM to give clients a timeline. It also allows float to be calculated which lets the Pm know exactly how late an activity can be without impacting the whole project duration. It allows a PM to identify what are the critical tasks that must be completed before starting other dependant tasks. (it makes the depencencies...
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