Finding a New Nation

Topics: England, Christianity, Religion Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Naomi Valencia- 1st Period
September 14, 2011

Essay: Founding the New Nation

#3) Which factor, religious freedom or economic betterment best describes the motivation behind the founding of English colonies?

It wasn’t just the desire of religious freedom or just the desperation of economic betterment that motivated the founding of the New World; it was both. The development of the colonies in America helped the colonies to decide their own thoughts and ideas. In which Puritans were mostly the founders of the main colonies. Puritans were English people seeking religious freedom in this new life they created. However other English explorers came to America for a different reason. So as some explorers were destined for religious expansion, or for gold and land, or simply benefiting from both, clearly states that religion and economy were both important factors of the motivation of the English Colonies. People wanted to voice their own opinions and practice what they truly believe. For example, Pilgrims, who were also known as Separatists, were English people seeking an escape of religious controversy by immigrating to America. They believed the Church of England violated biblical precepts for true Christians. Because of that, they started their own congregation and left England. In America they found the colonies of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, two of the major colonies in the early American times. There they can have no fear of voicing their own opinions and practicing their religion of choice. But some, spreading of their religion wasn’t a priority. If English explorers didn’t want religious freedom, their main mission was for a better life they can provide for England. Explorers sent to America knew it held many positive opportunities that can really benefit them economically. They had workers sent out to look for gold and riches, as well as land to farm. They wanted to provide raw materials to send to the British...
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