Finding Work After College

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You’ve Earned Your Degree So Now What?
English Composition II EN130.1.1

EN130.1.1 English Comp II
Assign. #4, process analysis essay
October 25, 2013
You have finally earned your degree after all those years of hard work, sitting in classes, and studying so hard. Now what should you do with this degree? How are you going to find a job let alone a job in the field of your degree? You need to visit the unemployment office, read the classified ads in the newspapers, or look online for jobs that interest you and are in your specialized field. A job application will need to be filled out and you will most likely have to interview for the position.

The first thing you need to do is figure out which sources you will use to look for a job. Once you have your sources, you need to look for several jobs that you are qualified for based on the degree you have obtained. Many people do not find work in their fields right away but can use this degree to get a higher paid position. Some employers just want you to have a degree; your specialty does not matter. If you can’t get the position you want, sometimes you can take a lower paying job which can give you valuable experience. After a year or so of experience, you may be better qualified for the job that you wanted first. For example, if you have a criminal justice degree and want to work on the federal level, having a job as a Correctional Officer can give you the experience you will need when applying for the federal job. Many employers want employees with experience not just a degree. A degree will never take the place of experience in any field. Call the number listed and ask questions you may have for the position. You may want to know what the hours will be, the salary range, dress codes, etc. You may also be interested in the exact tasks required, as most job postings are vague at best....

References: of people who can vouch for your work ethics and what type of person you are also needed when filling out an application. Now that you have these listed and written down, you are ready to get your application. Now all you need to do is fill in the requested information. You will not need to spend much time trying to remember all of the information, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. because you have already written them down. This is especially helpful if the job requires you fill out the application while you are there.
You must now interview for the position. This can be very stressful and some people do not interview well though they would succeed if they were hired. Knowing the following information and applying it to the interview will help you have a successful interview. There are a few things you should know to help you have a successful interview. You need to dress for success. You should always have at least one outfit which is acceptable business attire. You do not need to wear your Sunday best, but you do need to appear presentable with nice clothing. It should also not be too tight or revealing if you are a female. Your first impression with a prospective employer is very important. If you go to an interview looking sloppy with holes in your clothes, dirty shoes, runs in your stockings, you will not make a good impression which could cost you the job no matter how well your interview went. The employer may assume you dress this way all the time and it will have a negative effect on the business. Make sure you have an idea of what the job entails and think about these responsibilities a bit. Employers often ask job specific questions. You will also need to know in detail why you want the position or why you feel you’re more qualified than the rest of the applicants. Take a deep breath and relax! When you sit down do not slouch in the chair. Sit upright with your hands in your lap. This shows confidence. I know it will be hard, but do not be nervous or allow your nervousness show causing you to forget information or appear as if you are unqualified. Answer all questions asked with as much detail as possible. Be careful not to ramble! Once the interview is complete, always thank them for their time and interest in giving you the interview.
In conclusion, once you have selected a job, applied for it, and interviewed, you are now ready for employment should you be selected for the position. Don’t get discouraged if you do not get the position. You may need more experience and if the job is still available, you can apply again at a later date.
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