Finding the Validity/Efficiency of Peer Counseling Through Group Works in Jacinto P. Elpa National High School for School Year 2009-2010

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Jacinto P. Elpa National High School
Tandag City

Every school year, the Guidance In-Charge continually mediates among students brought by teachers from different year levels with problems varying from cutting classes, non-attendance, computer games addiction, gambling, vandalism, intoxicant drinking sessions within or near the campus, stealing, minor disputes and violent fist fighting, early intimate relationships and other disruptive behaviors that affect their academic performances. During the school year 2009-2010, we had three thousand four hundred eighty six (3,486) enrollees in Jacinto P. Elpa National High School, Tandag, Surigao del Sur and there was only one School Guidance Counselor by then. The Guidance In-Charge as always, had done all that he can to be efficient in the job entrusted to him but there were times when the load of work was heavier than what his shoulders could carry for obvious reasons of imbalance between the number of his clients and his own limited capabilities. For this reason, in coordination with the supportive and efficient leadership of the Principal, Madam Imelda C. Falcon, SSP IV, the School Guidance In-Charge has organized the SPAC or STUDENTS PEER ASSISTANCE CLUB. The first batch of active members in this club belongs to the graduating students of S.Y. 2010-2011 from the first section in RBEC (Revised Basic Education Curriculum) and SSC (Special Science Curriculum).

In this study, I want to put into record the validity of the Students’ Peer Assistance Club’s existence in our school in terms of their efficiency/non-efficiency

The Students’ Peer Assistance Club (SPAC) is primarily created to assist the School Guidance Counselor in the following activities: 1. After having undergone a training on basic counseling technique in group works which I borrowed from Existentialist, specifically via Logotherapy, SPAC members will use this knowledge during Peer Counseling proper (as scheduled) or whenever a student or a group of students is/are referred by a teacher to the guidance office for having displayed some sort of detrimental behavior either toward himself or toward others. This student (upon the discretion of the School Guidance Counselor) will undergo a stress debriefing session to be facilitated by the S. Guidance Counselor himself or by two or more assigned SPAC members. 2. SPAC members will also help implement other concerns and programs in the School Guidance Office such as the SDORP (Schools’ Drop Out Reduction Program) and many others. 3. As a school club intended to be of helped to their schoolmates academically and morally, each member is expected to maintain a wholesome character. For this reason, the entire group is required to meet once a month for an ecumenical spiritual activity or prayer meeting to enhance their relationship with God. The entire members are also divided into several units composed of three members as a support group and they will meet once a week. Their strength (inspiration) in helping others should be unshakably anchored on their faith and love of God. A SPAC member should inculcate into his/her heart the motto “Unleash the Christian Within” which is an innovated adaptation of Efren Penaflorida’s “Unleash the Hero Within”. In this club, we believe that there isn’t just a hero within waiting to be unleashed but a Heroic Christian ready to let loose and be of service to others. The kind of approach I teach my peer counselor during there is borrowed from the Existential approach via Logotherapy emphasizing on the true meaning of life. In their case, as students in particular. They will be asking their participants questions like: “Why are you in school?”; “Are you happy with your academic performance”; “Do you have ambitions in life”; “What do you...

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