Finding Nemo Symbols

Topics: Finding Nemo, Clownfish, Andrew Stanton Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: April 19, 2013
 "Finding Nemo" was received extremely positive reviews and became one of the best- selling DVDs of all the time. For the love of audiences, the film was released again in 3D in 2012. What makes  "Finding Nemo" a popular film? Besides interesting plot and beautiful scene, each character also become a meaningful symbol of love, friendship,...  The story is about a worriesome clownfish named Marlin overcome every difficulties and his own nervosity to find his abducted son Nemo. Along with his friend, a regal tang named Dory, Marlin learned the lessons about bravery, optimistic, friendship,.. Nemo is a small clownfish, who is very adventurous and playful. While his father thought that he was too young to go to school, Nemo brims with the excitement. And it was his inexperience and childish that led to his unexpected abduction. Nemo is a typical symbol for the youth who has curiosity, enthusiasm, bravery and also ebullience. He dares to risk and yearns for adventure especially when he has motivity. Sometimes it is nothing but his immature makes him get into troubles. When every difficulty was overcome, Nemo really grows up and his adventure is exactly the same as people’s life adventure to reach adulthood. Another main symbol of the film is Nemo’s father - Marlin. He is an over-protective father because Nemo was the only surviving child he had after the death of his wife and other offsprings. He is always afraid of the ocean and rarely trusts anyone - a typical symbol of someone who knew the feeling of lost. It is the reason why his son- Nemo- does not believe that it could be his father traveling hundreds miles, fighting against shark, jellyfish.. to look for him. Marlin is also a typical of parents who does not believe in the children. He always thinks that Nemo is not mature enough even when he found Nemo. After all the adventure, Marlin learns that he has to believe in his son and himself either. The adventure brings Marlin and his companion face-to-face with...
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