Finding Nemo Reflection

Topics: Finding Nemo, Clownfish, Pixar Pages: 1 (588 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Kimberly Prete
March 16, 2014Finding Nemo reflection
When first watching this movie it comes across as a computer animated film about a bunch of a fish. Looking at it from a psychological standpoint it reveals that it is more complex than one may think. This comes from the realization that all of the main characters seem to suffer from some sort of psychological or physical disorder. The movie represents a heart-warming coming of age story that is about a small clown fish with an injured fin, Nemo, who rebels against his father, Marlin, and gets captured by a human scuba diver. The story goes on when Marlin goes on a hunt across oceans to find his son. Relationships are another important aspect of Finding Nemo. The father-son relationship between Marlin and Nemo shows the love a father has for their kids no matter the difficulties they present. The friends Marlin makes that teaches him life lessons on his way to find his son is accurately depicted in the movie as well. Marlin learns that to have a healthy friendship, he has to trust and listen to them to make the friendship work. When we first walked in to PE it was a main goal for them to be able to trust us so once we did the game where we had to lead them through the maze it showed our athletes that they could trust us. He also learns that he would not have been able to find Nemo without getting help and meeting new friends along the way. He learns to trust Nemo to make and learn from his own mistakes. My parents are the same way since I am an only child they didn’t want me to grow up in many ways. For example when I first got my licenses they didn’t want me to far or in the snow but they soon figured out that I was perfectly fine and they had nothing to worry about. Another theme that is prevalent is the need for acceptance. This theme ties into the movie in that although almost every main character in the film is very unique, or disabled, but their peers accept them. They overcome their inabilities and...
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