Finding Nemo

Topics: Finding Nemo, Clownfish, Andrew Stanton Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: June 24, 2013
English 100
Essay #2: Theme


When fearing the unknown, one can only hide away from the world trusting no one but one’s self, but in order to overcome fear, on must learn to trust in themselves and those around them. In Disney’s Pixar film Finding Nemo, a clown fish named Marlin sets out on a journey to find his son Nemo who was captured. Through the journey, Marlin learns to trust in those around him instead of living in fear of the unknown. With overcoming obstacles and fighting the ocean, Marlin learns what it means to be a part of the world as an adult and as a father instead of fearing the world around him (North).

In Finding Nemo, Marlin is ready for a wonderful life with his wife and their hundreds of children ready to be born. He had found the perfect home as it was like a Garden of Eden for him. But happiness did not last long. Tragedy hit Marlin as his entire family was killed as fast as Zeus’s striking bolt, yet a survivor had lived the attack. Little Nemo was born with a handicap of a smaller fin due to an injury from the tragic attack. Due to the terrible experience, Marlin became wary of the world, cautious of every corner at all times. He took precautions of every little thing. Being over protection of Nemo became an understatement. “Marlin doesn’t believe that Nemo can do much of his own because of his somewhat deformed fin” (reelclassrooms). Marlin seems to put his entire life around Nemo, protecting and every possible way as if he were a baby. Though Marlin’s actions are extreme, one can see that Marlin takes caution in order to keep his son safe and alive. Being traumatized and losing almost everything affected Marlin to not trust the things around him, and fear the unknown. It was through this tragic event that caused Marlin to hide in the shadows in fear.

“Out of defiance of his father, Nemo strays away from the reef and gets captured by a fisherman; eventually put into a tank with other fish at the diver’s dentist’s...
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