Finding Nemo

Topics: Finding Nemo, Ellen DeGeneres, Andrew Stanton Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: April 30, 2013

A good animated family comedy that is sure to keep kids entertained and parents alike. To any parent that is tired of sitting through the mind numbing genre that is kid’s movies, then Finding Nemo is the family movie to getting you through your kids turn to pick a movie.

In the movie Finding Nemo covered by John Lacader and his longtime colleague Andrew Stanton who wanted to do a video on ocean environment. Andrew Stanton took scuba diving lessons to study coral reefs which stirred up multiple possibilities. His main vision was about a clown fish. The whole idea came from as was studied in the deep of The Great Barrier Reef in Southern Australia. In the movie Finding Nemo a father is left helpless to find his son and goes through tough obstacles he never thought imaginable. Along the way he makes a friend to help him but she can sometimes be forgetful. Nemo disobeys his dad and gets captured. His dad Marlin is devastated and travels to go find him. Shortly into his journey he runs into a fish named Dory she is forgetful sometimes. She becomes a big part of finding Nemo. When they start to travel through the ocean they run into two sharks who they think will harm them but are mistaken when the sharks are friendly and do everything they can to help the two fish look for Nemo. Nemo gets taken to a Dentist office and put into the aquarium and the one fish who does not take to new fish takes Nemo under his wind and does all that he can do to get him back to the ocean to his dad. As they continue they come across turtles who lead them in the right direction to reunite father and son. Since Dory and Marlin became so close on their journey she becomes part of their family.

The main character is Marlin. Marlin and his wife Coral are about to be mother and father. As they both sit in front of a cave opening looking down on their eggs Marlin says “we should name this half Marlin Jr. and the other half Coral”. Coral says “I like the name Nemo”....
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