Finding Nemo

Topics: Fish, Ocean, Aquarium Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: May 31, 2007
A clown fish named Merlin lost his song Nem out in the sea. Nemo was caught by divers and now resides in a big, clean fish tank along with other fish/sea creatures in a dentist's office. Merlin sets out in the sea (which is brave of him!) to find his son, encountering a blue fish named Dori. Dori has short term memory loss and is confused for a little bit on which way the boat went, but soon finds her way. During Merlin's and Dori's adventure the find Nemo, they meet "friendly" sharks who don't believe in eating fish as food. Unfortunately, Dori is hit on the nose by accident and slightly sleeds, which one shark goes crazy soon after. There is a crazy chase after the two little fish, which comes to an end once bombs surrounding them are set off. They continue on with their journey as Nemo waits in the fish tank while making new friends.

Merlin and Dori find a clue to get to Nemo. They find an address and Dori actually remembers it, after escaping the light-up fish that attempts to eat them. Swimming on in the sea, they come across a school of fish who helps them by fiving them specific directions to their destination. One of the directions were to go through a trench, not over it, but Merlin distrusted Dori and went over it, finding a flock of jellyfish that harm Dori. Merlin and Dori's fun jellyfish adventure ends when Marvin is harmed as well, from trying to save Dori.

After befriending a 150 year old turtle and his song Squirt and his buddies, Merlin and Dori go through the ECA and finally reaches Sydney. When there, they are very excited and the friendly pelican tells Nemo the exciting news--"Nemo's dad is on his way to find you!" This makes him very happy. However, Nemo knows that he first needs to find a way out of the fish tank before being taken away by evil Darla! So he and the other fish in the tank hatch a plan: stop water filter by inserting a rock inside, swim out of the filter. Wait until tank gets so filthy that the dentist has to clean it and...
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