Finding Inspiration in the World Around You

Topics: Nobel Peace Prize, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Nobel Prize Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Finding Inspiration in the world around you

When I ask you to search for inspiration, how do you find it? Do you search your home, or check your pockets for it? It is not that simple. Inspiration is a very peculiar understanding. So, where does inspiration lie? Every person is different; therefore it would be logical to assume that inspiration is different for everyone. The difficulty we seem to have when finding inspiration is that it does not take a definite form; it can come in many different ways. Inspiration to some may be just mere influence to others. So, how do we determine whether we are inspired by something? To simplify this complex understanding, we must first break down the word ‘Inspiration’. Inspiration is the influence of thought, and strong feelings on actions. Therefore, if we are influenced by thought and have strong feelings in performing a certain action, we are inspired. It is important to understand that inspiration is essential for change. For, it is the solemn item which has shaped our world into what it is today.

While it is true that inspiration is different for everyone, there is a way to narrow your search for inspiration. As human beings, we are constantly finding ways to fix our flaws and become as perfect as we possibly can. That is exactly where you can find inspiration; in persons, places, or things which complete our flaws. For, as a society, we have a constant need to prove that we are a ‘Somebody’, rather than a ‘Nobody’. We feel that the pressure to fail is so great, that we have to illustrate our accomplishments in order to feel successful. It is because of this need to succeed, which leads us to desperately search for inspiration.

Inspiration is, as previously stated, the influence of thought and strong feelings on actions. So, which kind of strong feelings inspire us? Hate? Love? Disappointment? Regret? When you start to think about what kind of feelings inspire you, you soon realize that it does not...
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