Finding Happiness

Topics: Happiness, Switzerland, Happiness economics Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Eric Weiner wasn’t happy man. Although succeed career as a foreign correspondent for National Public Radio. He start to search for happiness since he was five years old. Unfortunately, he went to unhappy places to find happiness and that didn’t work and Weiner spent most of his life in unhappiness. Weiner loves to travel as finding way to happiness so he decided to travel the world in search of happy places and then maybe he will find the key to happiness. Because he spent most of his life to study and research about happy so he is the right guys to talk about happiness. With his adventure story of finding happiness in different places, people with understand and learn more about happiness. First place Weiner choose to start his study about happiness is Rottingham in Netherlands. In Rottingham, he met Dr Ruut Veenhoven who is study about happiness and storing the World Database of Happiness. In this database, it shows the connections to happiness from marriage, education, drugs and democracy. Weiner appreciates the effort to explore what makes people happy of Dr Ruut Veenhoven and he came to conclusion that Netherlands is happy because they are tolerance in everything: Prostitution, people from all over the world, all beliefs and light drugs. Author even tried smoking hashish to experience happiness came from drugs. Finally, he realize that although Netherlands tolerance in good for people but the freedom is too much for him to handle. This chapter has showed many statistics and finding from studies, Weiner summarized it and instead goes into detail of these findings he gave us ideas that these method is having problems. The second stop of Weiner is Switzerland, this place he didn’t find happiness easily. At first he found that Switzerland is a boring place. People in Switzerland aren’t like to show off. In example, they may not drive fancy cars but they might have a $3000 espresso coffee machine in their kitchen. Added up with Weiner’ visiting, to find out...
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