Finding Forrester

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Finding Forrester: An Analysis
Finding Forrester is one of the best movies to come out during its time. It was focused on the story of boy who is looking for a role model and finding it in the most unexpected place and the most unexpected person. The movie tells about the journey not just of Jamal Wallace but also of the journey of William Forrester especially during the last few years of his life. It was a story that presented life in its beginning and its ending and how the two are intertwined. Wallace's life was just beginning while Forrester's was ending. Somehow, they bumped into each other and stood side by side during a particular time wherein the crossroads they both have to face on their own seem to be found in one plateau, where they met, interacted and parted during Forrester's death. Finding Forrester was a movie that was positively reviewed and was strongly commended for many of its aspects. This paper will analyse and discuss these aspects that contribute to how Finding Forrester became a movie of wide and critical acclaim. Critiquing the movie

There are many aspects that should be assessed in the process of critiquing the movie Finding Forrester. This includes the evaluation of the cinematography, screen writing, art direction, acting, makeup and costume, sound and theme. Evaluating the Cinematography

One of the strong points of the movie is its excellent cinematography. The movie features a good balance of wide panoramic shots and tight shots that magnifies the situation the lead character and the other characters are in and provides the material symbolisms and visual cues that remind the audience about the characteristics of the lives of the people in the story. Director Gus Van Sant effectively used cinematography styles and approaches to communicate emotion, to help the audience look broadly or look particularly close to guide them as the story moved along. The cinematography was able to capture the essence of the story as well as the ethos of each particular scene in connection to the possible real life scenario as how the audience could have imagined it happening. The cinematography assists in developing the character Jamal Wallace as he evolved, and should be commended for being responsible for making sure that the movie is visually entertaining and engrossing, not to mention being artful. The differences and similarities and parallels between Jamal Wallace and Forrester are represented as the screen features many different shots of Manhattan as well as Brooklyn and Bronx. Screen writing

The movie Finding Forrester is well written. The movie build-up and how it happens in the course of the movie allows it to effectively communicate the emotions and realizations that it wants to send and give the audience. The dialogues of the characters, from Sean Connery to Rob Brown suited well to the story, setting and to the characters. It was enjoyable to listen to the two lead characters talk and converse with one another, and how the story between the two of them unfolded is really very poignant. The writer should be commended for effectively plotting the issues that will plague Wallace and Forrester, and how their paths will cross which will eventually lead to a particular resolution of the conflicts because of the role of the other in the other person's life. Some of the concepts like death of the friend and sharing too little time are passé and have been used extensively for dramatic movies to strengthen the feeling of emotional sadness and the feeling of loss. How the movie was written put it in such a way that it was not hard sell drama. The twists presented were something that was not strongly anticipated. The writer led the audience to be lost in the cravings and fiery youth of Wallace and the subtle genius that is Forrester waiting for a chance to re-enter the society one last time. Art Direction

Art direction was average and normal in the sense that it did not presented any...

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