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Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Audience Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Lesson 1
In our first lesson we were asked to create still images with thought tracks to highlight key moments in order to understand the play. We decided to make a still image of verity getting angry with her parents and knocking over her little village as we thought this was a key moment. We had verity at the front side of the stage with her parents on the other side pointing at her we had Verity we her hands in her hair as if she was going to rip it out in anger, her face was in a grimace to show the pain and anger she felt, her leg was pulled up in a kicking motion as if she was about to destroy her village. The proxemics between Verity and her parents showed that they had a bad relationship; it could also show that her parents don’t want to be associated with that side of her personality. Webster’s groups still image stood as they showed Verity as a patient in a mental hospital, they showed Verity at the front of the stage with a burnt chair in the middle Verity held her head in her hands and her legs up to her chest to show closed body language which allows the audience to see that she is sad. Lesson 2-3

In these lessons we discussed what it would be like to be a member of Verity’s family and how we would feel about her if she was our sister or child. Then we chose to take on the role of either Mark or Jean in hot seating to discover what it would be like to have someone like Verity in your life and how you would feel about it. This helped get a deeper understanding of Verity’s family and how they manage. In the next lesson we had to use either Jean’s or Mark’s monologue using the convention of tag acting and explore how the monologue could be performed. Our focus was characterisation and voice. We spent a number of lessons on Jeans monologue page 24 which explains Jean s emotions and struggles that she endures throughout her life with her daughter Verity. Also how she copes with her troubles and her reactions to Verity and her family. The monologue is...
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