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Topics: Advertising, Brand, Music Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: March 3, 2013
I. Company overview
Alpenliebe is one of the popular product line of candy Manufacture Co., Ltd. Perfetti Van Melle Vietnam with 100% foreign capital (PVM) Production, with the message "sweet as loving embrace", the label for Alpenliebe quickly earning an important place in the market. Each in the top 10 of the most popular brands in 2006-2007, Alpenliebe is the biggest brand in the family candy Perfetti and also the market leading brands candy Vietnam. Flavor cream sweet ngaoif of the Alpenliebe is a reminder to each of us: every moment is an opportunity to share love and happiness to everyone and enjoy the sweet life! Alpenliebe there are two new flavors of your choice more abundance: caramel and strawberry ice cream.

II. Advertising analysis.

1. Background music:
▪ when the trailer started, the music was really popular their full advantage - by the human ability to remember a piece of music is better than words. Until now, there were numerous advertisements go to the heart, through the participation of excellent melody, lyrics. There are two songs:

+ Music video by Justin Bieber performing Beauty And Beat in 2013

The soundtrack of the first quite gently sweet highlight of the café space. When two pairs fa're interested. Help the viewer feel familiar tunes, fun, sweet. After that is all ... fun music with lyrics convey feelings. Harmony between the actions and emotions of the characters. With background music of such nature has attracted viewers from the beginning. This advertising is play 48 minutes

Divided into two main sections.
Part 1
2 female characters feel sad lady so only 2 lady, 3 musketeers guy only 2. East Children and Cao Thang has one pair left two girls and two boys with 14/2 passed in vain, 8/3 sad. Part 2
Real situation now is that 2 musketeers guy has decided to express her feelings for her two friends Dong Nhi by the cute cards instead of words to say. card with heartfelt love that 2...
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