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Topics: Water resources, Water, Water crisis Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Mr , Mme chairs , Honorable delegates , ladies and gentlemen present here with us today, Good morning and welcome to the 2012 first conference of the model united nation. Today, me Oumaima El Hachami , I am debating a serious problematic topic that the whole world is facing , which is : The Water scarcity mainly in Algeria .so Together we will discuss how” the Water crisis in Algeria “affects Algerian population.

I recall that a special conference is done about the water scarcity, in order to discuss and find some effective solution to reduce this crisis, in addition to that, an international conference about the disaster reduction has been done on January 2005 in Japan. The world is seriously worried about the water scarcity recourses As we all know, Algeria, the second largest country in Africa, has experienced a dramatic urbanization in the last decade with Algiers, the capital, counting up to 3 million residents- approximately 10 percent of the population of Algeria. In Algiers, water scarcity caused by growing demand of water which is due to population growth, food security demands, overconsumption of water resources, climate change and extreme weather events, and finally damage to water infrastructure , all this challenges left residents of this country and businesses facing frequent water shortage, often receiving water for only one of every three days. In theory, the current water availability per capita in Algeria is 500 cubic meters, down from 1, 500 cubic meters in 1962. It is projected that it will further reduce to 450 cubic meters in 2020.

Despite high usage rates of water, Algeria is not able to produce sufficient quantities of food to satisfy population needs. Accordingly to many reports, this country import more than 70% of their total cereal consumption, due to only 20 % fertile lands and all the 80% they are desert so the absence of water and water scarcity causes the limited agricultural productivity, an land degradation which...
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