Financial Statement Analysis

Topics: Financial ratios, Financial ratio, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Meghna Oil LimitedMJL Bangladesh Limited
Items2006-20072007-20082008-20092009-20102010-2011Items2006-20072007-20082008-20092009-20102010-2011 Lequidity RariosLequidity Rarios
(1) Current Ratio1. Current Ratio1.361.451.682.411.48 (2) Quick Ratio0.540.750.580.770.86(2) Quick Ratio0.870.780.891.811.04 Operating RatiosOperating Ratios

(3) Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio10.67.8711.586.599.21(3) Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio (4) Inventory Turnover Ratio9.2116.1110.7212.3217.79(4) Inventory Turnover Ratio4.531.982.632.782.53 (5) Asset Turnover Ratio4.384.664.863.383.77(5) Asset Turnover Ratio1.390.991.160.770.53 Profitability RatiosProfitability Ratios

(6) Gross Margin Ratio1.171.40.941.21.19(6) Gross Margin Ratio22.882625.9525.6418.79 (7) Operating Income Ratio0.741.010.871.011.48(7) Operating Income Ratio (8) Net Income Ratio (Before Tax)0.70.960.830.961.4(8) Net Income Ratio (Before Tax)11.0313.7210.3812.859.62 (9) Return on Assets Ratio3.244.714.243.415.58(9) Return on Assets Ratio15.3613.9712.349.985.58 (10) Return on Equity Ratio28.6337.3631.0831.3240.46(10) Return on Equity Ratio29.5331.522.5315.639.26 (11) Earning Per Share (EPS) Tk(11) Earning Per Share (EPS) Tk7.3911.482.452.73.38 Solvency RatiosSolvency Ratios

(12) Debt to Equity Ratio13.9910.659.3811.919.21(12) Debt to Equity Ratio
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