Financial Risk and Management

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Financial risk and management
要想在竞争如此激烈的市场环境下得以生存和发展,就必须做好其财务风险的控制和管理的工作。 The control of financial risk and management are a must to any enterprise, who wants to survive and develop under such a competitive market environment. 随着网络技术和信息技术的发展,企业将面临更为复杂多变的环境。财务风险是企业风险管理的重点和核心。传统的财务风险管理模式已不能适应现代风险管理集成化展的要求,财务风险集成管理是财务风险管理模式发展的必然趋势。 Financial risk is the key to an enterprise’s risk management. With the evolution of network technology and information technology, the enterprises will be facing a more complicated and changeable environment, thus causing the traditional management mode of finance risk unsuitable to the modern requirements of integration. The integrated management pattern of financial risk is becoming the inevitable trend in the future. 【影响】:

在经济全球化、竞争激烈化、社会环境多变的当代社会,企业的风险有加大的趋势,尤其是财务风险成为企业的主要风险,当今世界上因财务风险而倒闭破产的公司,甚至是特大公司也不为少见。 In the big background of economic globalization, intensifying competition and ever-changing social environment, enterprise risk has a trend of increasing, especially with financial risk as its major one. Quite many companies, including huge enterprises have met with bankrupt on account of financial risk in the present world. 有些发展前景较好的企业可能会因为内部运营不当或外部宏观经济失调而陷入财务风险之中。财务风险的发生从外部表现上是个突变的过程,但实质上是一个渐进式的累积的过程,是风险从量上变化过渡到质的变化。 Also, some promising enterprises might get stuck into financial risks because of internal operating errors or external economic ailments. The emergence of financial risk seems to be a mutational process, but in fact a gradual process of repetition and accumulation. 【财务风险的成因】——>是否要把原因加在影响里??? 1. 财务风险的外源性

1. Exogenous financial risk
企业财务活动需要在特定的政治经济、自然环境以及市场环境下进行,这些因素不但复杂多变,而且基本是企业无法控制的系统性风险,企业只能接受这些复杂环境给企业带来的财务危机。在同一个市场经济条件下,这些系统性风险对每个企业都是公平的,企业无法消除或控制这些外源性风险带来的财务风险,但可以通过采取积极的应对措施,让企业逐步摆脱财务风险给企业带来的影响。 The financial activities should be carried out under specific political economy background, natural environment and market environment. These factors are not merely complicated or...
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