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Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Balance sheet, Income statement Pages: 10 (3741 words) Published: April 28, 2014
 Financial Reporting in an International Approach

(1) Answer: Conceptual Framework: The Conceptual Framework is a report of generally recognized theoretical values which is very important form the period of reference for business reporting. Moreover, it is a coherent structure of related purposes and a major idea which is recommends the environment, purpose and boundaries of business accounting that is predictable to lead to reliable guidance. Also, it is planned to assist the community interest by providing arrangement and direction to financial accounting and reporting to facilitate the provision of neutral commercial and correlated information.

The conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting: In 1989, the international Accounting standards team expressed the new conceptual framework. Conceptual framework for Financial Reporting 2010(CF) was permitted by the IASB in September 2010. The IASB Framework is a theoretical accounting context that sets out the ideas that emphasize the connection of financial reports for external operators.

Enhancing Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Statements: The qualitative characteristics of beneficial FR classify the categories of data are likely to be maximum valuable to operators in creating decisions about the reporting entity on the basis of information in its financial report. Normally, financial data is advantageous when it is appropriate and represents dependably. Also, it is usefulness when is improved if it is comparable, verifiable, timely and understandable. Now I will describe this usefulness in below: Comparability: Comparability permits users to recognise and understand similarities. Data about a reporting object is more valuable if it could be related with similar data about other individuals and with related info about the similar entity for extra period. Verifiability: Verifiability can help to guarantee users that information represents truly the economic sensations. Different well-informed and free spectators might reach agreement, although not essentially to complete contract, that a specific depiction is an accurate demonstration that is mean by verifiability. Timeliness: Timeliness is very important for FR. when Data is available to decision-makers in period to be adept of impelling their decisions that is mean by timeliness. Understand ability: when presenting data is clearly and very easy to understand for users then it means understandable. Information needs to describe very easy way that means users can understand properly it its complex then nobody can understand easily. FR is normally arranged for operators who have sound information of corporate and economic works and Examples from Sports Directs International: Accoutring to Sports Directs International income sheet it shows that revenue was £1,451m in 2010. Also, in 2011, it gradually rose almost £1,599m. Moreover, the highest revenue was £1,807m in 2012. Group revenue across all separations up 13.0% to £1,807m (2011: £1,599m). (2) Answer: Sports Directs international financial statements will be very potential for existing investors, lenders and leading social/ethical groups. Without investors, lenders and leading social it couldn’t work properly. I am going to explanation for these things below:

Investors: Owners or investors who is the investment the company. Investor means the company owners who invest her capital for profit. Company is not a single things, it includes two more people than its name company and those people is company shareholders and they invest their capital equally and when they got profit or loss then they equally divides their profit or loss. Company Shareholders need information to assess the ability of the individual to pay them a return (dividend). The same applies to potential shareholders. Company investors provide risk of capital for the business.

Lenders: Lenders also investors in debt securities, and also afford capital to a...
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