Financial Reporting

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1. Focused on parts: 2 Balance Sheet and 3 Income Statement 2. Focused on parts: 1 General Information 3. Focused on parts: 4 Evaluation of the Corporation’s Disclosures 4. Focused on parts: ………………

(Although each member may focus on some specific parts for report preparation purpose, every member should review all parts and is responsible for the entire project in order to achieve the term project objectives.)

Name of the corporation analyzed: Kraft Foods Inc.

[This report will not be returned to you. Keep a copy For Your Reference if you wish]

THIS TERM PROJECT HAS FOUR PARTS A. Reading and understanding financial statements B. Analysis of financial statements C. Class presentation of the high lights (Executive Summary) Your answers must be typed. You should save it on your disk and then type your answers in the given spaces. Type your answers in Italic font to differentiate your answers from the questions.

INTRODUCTION Annual reports produced by companies are a primary source of information about a company's activities over a specific period of time. The information disclosed in these reports is prepared by the company's management and is useful to different users, mainly investors and creditors.
The primary purpose of an annual report is to convince existing shareholders to continue investing in the corporation. However, management may also use the annual report to: (1) persuade prospective shareholders

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