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Telstra Corp Limited is known as one of the biggest telecommunication industry in Australia. It has been performed well during the last five years of business operation. The main purpose of preparing this report is scrutinizing the the performance of Telstra Corp Limited from 2007-2012. Besides, it can be very helpful for the users of this report to evaluate the brief sypnosis of Telstra Corp Limited with the additional data of forecasted amount in the financial statements of company for 2012. Overall, this report deliberates in elaborating the methods used to predict the value of common-size and pro-forma balance sheet, as well as income statement for the following operation year .There are three methods applied in forecasting : the average amount of percentage of sales, forecast using trend function, and regression analysis. Furthermore, the analysis of liquidity ratio( current ratio and quick ratio),that is related to working capital of the company for the last five years will also be discussed the in the main body part., in oder to make a good understanding for the users of this report about the the Telstra Corp’s liquidity. Finally, there are numerous recommendation which suggested by the author of this report in order to reduce the misstatements or any barriers that probably faced bt the management of the corporation.In addition, the detail of limitations are also covered in this report, as there are particular factors in implementing the analysis

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Table of Contents3
1.0 Introduction4
2.0 Main Body4
3.1 Income Statement Analysis
2.1 a Common Size Income Statement3
2.1 b Pro-forma Income Statement3
3.2 Balance Sheet Analysis 4
2.2 a Common Size Income Statement4
2.2 b Pro-forma Income Statement4
3.3 Liquidity Ratio5
3.4 Regression Analysis6
3.0 Recommendation and Limitation7
4.0 Conclusion7
5.0 References list8

Table of Figures

Figure A. Liquidity Ratio5

Telstra is a corporation that runs its business in telecommunication.It provides most providers of mobile phones in Australia.Forecasting is an improtant activity for a wide variety of business society.Most of financial managers make the decision rely on the basis of forecast of one kind to another. Sometimes,some enterprises have difficulties in predicting the report of following operation year.In fact, forecasting financial statements is important for planning the future and giving information to the investors. Therefore, there are several methods to forecast...
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