Financial Institutions

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Financial Institutions
Term Report

"Investment Portfolio"

Submission Date: 10-Dec-2012
Lecturer: Tazeen Arsalan

Research and Investment By:

Zohaib Naseer 11499 -------------------------------------------------
Faraz Shah Khan 9412 -------------------------------------------------
Asma Fahim 10350 -------------------------------------------------
Fatima Arshad 11689 -------------------------------------------------
Tooba Fahim 11303

Table of Contents
Letter of Transmittal5
Objective of the Portfolio6
Investment Portfolio for Rs. 50 Million PKR7
Investment in Low Risk Products8
1)Regular Income Certificates8
Opportunity Costs:8
2)Market Treasury Bills ,(Rs 4.5 million):10
Investment Procedure:10
Features of Investment:10
Opportunity Cost:11
Rs.7.82 million Reinvested in T-Bills from Packages Limited Stocks in February,2013:11
Features of Investment:11
3)Pakistan Investment Bonds, (Rs.4.5 million)12
Investment Procedure:12
Features of Investment:12
Opportunity Cost:13
4)ORIX Certificate Of Deposit14
Step-up Income Plan14
Opportunity cost15
Investment in Medium Risk Products:18
5)JS Aggressive Income Fund: Income Fund (JS18
Opportunity Costs:18
Amount Invested:19
Reasons for this trend:20
Risk Factors:20
Opportunity Cost:21
Reasons for not investing in Euro:21
Investment in High Risk Products22
7)Investment in Common Stocks, (4.5 million):22
Investment Procedure:22
Features of Investment:22
Montly Price of Common Shares of Packages Limited:23
Opportunity Cost:23
8)Car Leasing24
Opportunity Cost:24
9)Bank Al Habib - 4 TFC:25
Opportunity Cost:25
10)Pakistan Stock Market Funds:26
Investment Objective:26
Fund Profile:26
Fund information:26
Opportunity cost28
Calculation of Net Returns:30



First and foremost, we would like to thanks ALMIGHTY ALLAH on the completion of this report. We would like to thank our teacher Ms. Tazeen Arsalan for her help and support which has provided us the inspiration to proceed with the venture she had envisioned and assisted us in every facet of our endeavor, without her help and guidance, we would not have been able to complete this report. Her teaching is guiding light to us. THANK YOU!

Letter of Transmittal

Ms. Tazeen Arsalan10th Dec 2012.
Lecturer of Finance
Institute of Business Management,

Dear Madam,
We intend to submit our report on course Financial Institutions, which was to be submitted on 10-Dec 2012. The report provides a detailed analysis of the Portfolio investment in ten different financial Products

It helped us widening our vision, improving our quality of work, building Practical Financial thinking and gave a vital experience in order to improve our analytical skills. We hope it is up to your expectations and fulfils all the requirements given by you.

All Group Members.

Objective of the Portfolio

The portfolio aims at investing a total of Rs 50 million in various financial products to maximize returns for one year. A specific requirement was to use 2 high risk high return, 2 medium risk medium return and 2 low risk low return products.

We invested Rs 50 million in 10 different products products. We have...

Bibliography: Portfolio Securities Account(s).pdf
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