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Rizzan Rae Rivera S.A.D.
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Case Study #1: Cloud Nine Financial Advisors

Based on my research about online stores like Ebay, Walmart and, I would definitely suggest that Mr. Layton invest on Dot-com stocks for it will bring many improvements in the company. The store is open, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Further, your customers are worldwide in reach, and can shop anytime that they want to. The target market would definitely be larger, since the information about the stocks that they’re selling would be published in the internet. According to the latest Nielsen Global Online Survey, more than 85% of the world's online population has used the internet to make a purchase - this is about 875 million people. Having said this, even unmoving stocks in Cloud nine’s limited costumer could be of much interest to others. On the other hand, sellers in ebay for example, have to pay for listing the goods that they sell online. When the item sells, ebay does get a small percent of the final auction price but this depends on the price of the thing that you’re selling, nothing really compared to the profit that you get for selling the item.

As we all know, Cloud Nine provides its clients with a monthly newsletter to inform them about the stocks that they can buy or sell. There is nothing wrong with this kind of approach, but it needs lots of improvement specially when were dealing with a tentatively large market. The number of stocks listed in the newsletter is also limited compared to the listings that we can put online. charges more compared to other online stores, but Unlike Ebay, instead of charging you for listing your things online, they do it only when you make the sale. Studies also show that Amazon is a more secure place to visit. The Wall Street Journal just did a comparison of the big three general merchandise sites:, and In their testing,...
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