Financial Analysis Project Proposal

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I. Project Proposed:

Analytical study of Financial Performance & Review of Common Area Maintenance Expenditure at Grauer & Weil India Ltd.

II. Description of Project in brief:

A. The entire project deals with evaluating the financial efficiency & the factors influencing performance of the organization including assessment of revenue leakages & its internal control function. The objective of this study is to analyze company’s profitability position on month-To-Month & Year-To-Year basis using SAP system & advance features of excel. The prime reason to take this study is to compare & indentify low performing segment of the company (segments: chemicals, engineering, paints & shoppertainment).

B. Part of the study will also include methodology of charging Common Area Maintenance Expenditure to retail outlets & its recovery in shoppertainment segment.

III. Objective of the Project:

* To access the system of Accounting & methodology of charging the Common Area Maintenance Expenditure to retail outlet. * To analyze the profitability of the business.
* To understand & study the overall financial performance of organization on year to year basis. * To make recommendation based on the analysis of financial statements.

IV. Methodology:

* Data collected from SAP system of the company.
* Secondary data from published financial statements of last 6 years. * Personal observation & discussion
* Tools For Analysis:
1. Simple Mathematical Tools like
* Averages
* Percentages
2. Accounting Tools like
* Ratios
* Trend Analysis & Statistical Tools were made also used for this analysis.

V. Schedule:

* Financial Analysis: (4 – 5 weeks)
* Identifying cost & revenue center.

References: * Search engines used : ,
* Company websites :
* Other websites:, etc.
* Mr. Jagdish Kadam: Vice President (Corp. A/c & Finance)
* Mr. Santosh Pandey : Vice President (Shoppertainment Segment)
* Mr. Debnarayan Rout: Asst. GM (Corp. A/c & Finance)
* Published records of company
Faculty Guide Name:
Company Guide Name:
Date: 05th April, 2013.
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