Financial Analysis Project

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MBA 832 (November 10th, 2011)Financial Analysis Project|

The financial analysis project is worth 15% of your final mark.

Students will operate in teams, with two/three students per team. Using the World Wide Web, select two/three companies that are approximately the same size and that are in the same industry [e.g., Imperial Oil & Petro-Canada, or Sleeman & Big Rock]. The Web site provides a listing of several Canadian companies. It is best to avoid banks and insurance companies as their statements are highly specialized. Analyze their financial statements for the two most recent annual accounting periods (2 years). Your analysis should compare the companies to each other and between periods, indicating which company is in the best financial position.

Your task is to provide a written report discussing the financial position of the companies. Calculation of ratios should be included in an appendix to the report. In other words, in addition to the mechanical process of determining the ratios the report must include a written comparative analysis of the financial information: from year to year, between the companies and an overall comment on the financial position of the companies.

The financial analysis project will be marked considering the following: * Company selection [provide a brief description of each company] * Liquidity analysis

* Solvency analysis
* Profitability analysis
* Activity analysis
* Overall comparative analysis
* Organization/flow/quality of writing * Professionalism

Please provide references to the corporate Web sites where copies of the financial statements may be found. Each analysis should have appropriate appendices showing your calculations and your work. Please ensure that your solution can...
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